Book comments from Anthony Lawler

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Book comments from Anthony Lawler

Postby Henry Tenby » Wed Jan 08, 2020 3:11 pm

Hi Henry,

The book landed today. Very well laid out and chock full of information. It deserves finding many buyers.

I did not know the name Ditta Ferre and I suspect my Britannia on the marble base may be by them. I also wonder about my BAC 1-11 on a marble base.

The original huge cutaway and 1/50th and 1/72nd scale Electra models were being made in Denmark by Osgaard, who ultimately merged with Fermo. Apparently KLM had some influence and perhaps investment in these moulds, as the story I was told was that when Osgaard collapsed, KLM had the 50th and 72nd scale moulds transferred to Raise Up as compensation. This is why the RU ELECTRA models are so accurate. I have natural metal finish 72nds in Qantas and Lockheed colours with the Lightning bolt base made by Osgaard.

I thought PacMin actually had a website where collectors can buy their models? As you say in your piece on me, I am not after the modern models.

You have done a huge amount to accomplish this, and the cameos on other collectors are great.

I very much liked the story about Brian Tompkins. I too went to the corner store in 1978 and bought some plastic models from him, and over the years a few others. Christmas 1985 I spent in Essex and on the way to my flight back to NY called in. I picked up a BA scheme 50th metal Viscount. I remember when I went to Brian with it he said "I see you found the only metal model in the shop". We were scheduled to have a lunch some years later, when I was gathering data for the book, on my next visit to the Uk, sadly a lost opportunity due to his untimely death.

I have the Verkuyl Convair 240'sheet zinc KLM in your photo.

There were DFM DC-8 -62 and -63 models. I had a 1/50th blank when I bought the Mitch Mayborne collection in 1993. About twelve blanks 50th DFMs --6B, 7, 7B and -7C plus DC-8 -50 and the -62, now in UTA markings. Also a 48th Viscount now in TAA colours.

I believe Convair made some wooden models of which my restored Swissair 240 is one.

I have Paul Benn's Rapide, C-Class, Brabazon, S-44 and York. I loaned him my Minavia Hermes to copy and he said it was the Minavia one he then decalled and returned to me. Personally I think the Eastern Martin 404 is a Riffe model as the base is very Riffe.
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