Aircraft Display Models - Appraisal Service
Aircraft Display Model Appraisals by Henry Tenby

Henry Tenby is webmaster of this website and as three decade collector of professional aircraft display models, and author of the Aircraft Display Models Collector, Investor and Appraisal Guide, he is pleased to offer professional aircraft display model appraisal services.

Appraisals of aircraft display models will be useful for insurance claims, insurance valuations, home contents insurance estimations, estate valuations, assessing museum donation valuations and auction and resale support. Of course a professional appraisal is the ideal support document for an online auction sale.

Models are appraised on a per item basis with each appraisal including the following:

1) a detailed description of the aircraft display model in terms of its condition, collector interest level, and overall collector appeal
2) support images as supplied by the owner
3) size and dimensions
4) maker, and medium of manufacture
5) the appraiser's present day replacement value of the said model, which is congruent to the present day arms length sales value of the model between a well informed buyer and well informed seller
6) a PDF document appraisal document is delivered complete with the appraiser's logo and contact details, and date of appraisal.

Appraisal Fees Are As Follows:

10 and under items: 3.5% of appraised value with a minimum fee of $40 USD per item
11 and over items: 3.5% of appraised value with a minimum fee of $35 USD per item

The appraiser Henry Tenby is also the author of the Aircraft Display Models Newsletter which is distributed for free.

Just send your email to us at the email address below if you would like to discuss our appraisal services or have further questions.

Henry Tenby, webmaster
email: henrytenby at gmail dot com