World's Biggest Model Collection - Tour

Mr. Gokhan Sarigol's collection now totals several thousand models which are housed in his company offices in Florya, Istanbul, adjacent to the runway at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. It is believed that his collection is the world's largest for professional display type models.

His amazing model collection is complemented by many historical aviation photos, beautiful aviation art, and other airline artifacts that he has accumulated since childhood. A portion of the model collection is sectioned off as a private museum decicated to civil aviation, which is housed in a separate building just a few properties adjacent to Fly Service's head offices.

We are pleased to present nearly 200 photos of this amazing collection, which we hope you will enjoy. Overall, his collection is largely focused on commercial aircraft versus military aircraft, and it encompasses classic airline models, house livery models, manufacturer models, and huge floor models from all over the world.

World's Biggest Aircraft Display Model Collection