- Model: Loftleidir Canadair CL-44 Yukon TF-LLF Raise Up

Model: Loftleidir Canadair CL-44 Yukon TF-LLF Raise Up

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Loftleidir Canadair CL-44 Yukon TF-LLF  Raise Up aircraft display model photo
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TF-LLF I have had this model in my collection since the early 2000s. It is a really nice model as it is very accurate and I like the two piece join-up between the wings and fuselage. My example is by no means mint, but the Raise Up CL-44 models are quite hard to find. This is the one and only example I have seen for sale in the 20+ years I have been collecting.

Henry Tenby  
  (Seniority Date: Apr 10 2007)


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Comment by: Henry Tenby
I had someone contact me and tell me this is a Schaarschmidt model. This is very possible but my model does not have a maker name on it .. that I can see.

Comment by: Jorge Garcia Herrera
Hello Henry, I had one like that a few years ago and I sold it, I still have the photos with the name of Schaarsmidt under the wings, if you are interested I can send them to you. Regards. Jorge.