- Model: Untitled Arado Ar-234 HRB Harubang

Model: Untitled Arado Ar-234 HRB Harubang

Untitled Arado Ar-234  HRB Harubang aircraft display model photo
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This is a one-off pattern test model made by HRB Harubang of Seoul in 1995. Made out of lost-wax cast brass parts, HRB Harubang evaluated the production of these models for collectors in Japan. The idea was to offer a range of highly deailed metal models of military aircraft from the WWII era through current day. Only a very small number of test models were made, which unfortunately demonstrated that production would involve a very high loss rate. It was not economically possible to produce the models within a target price of $250 and the whole idea was scrapped. All that survives of this project are a handful of prototype models, including this wonderful piece, as photographed at HRB Harubang's Itaewon shop in early December, 2013.

Henry Tenby  
  (Seniority Date: Apr 10 2007)


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