- Model: Interflug Tupolev Tu-134 Tupolev model shop

Model: Interflug Tupolev Tu-134 Tupolev model shop

Interflug Tupolev Tu-134  Tupolev model shop aircraft display model photo
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This giant model was displayed over many years at the office of a Security Marshall of Interflug and was frequently dsiplayed at the Booth of Interflug at International Fairs and Exhibitions. The registration DM-SDC and the construction of the stabilizer section indicate, that this model must have been manufactured around or before the delivery of the first Interflug TU-134 in 1968. Before the delivery of the first TU-134, registered DM-SCA, there were two government TU-124 in Interflug colors, registered DM-SDA and DM-SDB, the logical consequence being to name the first TU-134 DM-SDC. In reality a TU-134A was later reregistered DM-SDC end of the 70s, which previously flew for the government. I acquired this model over E-Bay and it is resting at the moment at my friend's place in Berlin awaiting detailed restoration and repair. Unfortunately it is not in its best shape. After the restoration process is finished, I will have it shipped to Japan.

Daniel Frohriep-Ichihara  
  (Seniority Date: Mar 18 2019)


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